Air Conditioner Maintenance and Service

Does your air conditioning take longer to heat/cool than normal? Does it even get to the set point temperature? These questions could be related to a problem with your air conditioning system. We understand that your families comfort is important, it is important to us also. We can repair the system and get it back online without a hassle.

Through ongoing maintenance you:

• Improve system reliability and efficiency

• Maintain the air Quality of your air-conditioning system

• Extend the working life of plant

• Reduce operation costs

Our Preventative maintenance programs are purposely designed to ensure your air conditioning system maintains optimum performance and efficiency levels, Guaranteeing the lowest possible running cost and increasing your Air conditioning systems life expectancy.

Performing a preventative maintenance once a year will ensure that your air conditioning system is reliable throughout the seasons. It can also assist in meeting the manufacturer’s warranty conditions if your system has been recently installed. 

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